Affordable Driving Traffic School at Lantana

Lantana Driving School

Since 1995 Affordable Driving Traffic School has helped thousands of students improve their driving skills in Lantana Florida.

Our lessons are taught by Florida State Certified Instructors in traffic, from small streets to major highways in actual driving situations in the Lantana area and surrounding cities such as West Palm Beach, Palm Springs, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, City of Atlantis, and Lake Worth.

Lantana Traffic School

Affordable Driving Traffic School provides Traffic School Courses in Lantana that are approved and certified by the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles.

Our Traffic Courses in Lantana are taught by certified Instructors with vast experience in traffic law and safety.

We offer a variety of Traffic School courses in Lantana such as: 4 hours BDI Traffic Ticket Course, First Time Driver's Drug and Alcohol Course, 12 Hours ADI Class, 8 Hours Intermediate Driving Improvement Court Ordered Course, Youthful Offender Course, Aggressive Driving Improvement Course, Senior's Insurance Discount Course and the 3 Crashes in 3 Years Course.

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